Lady Gaga – Judas

When Lady Gaga released Born This Way I was a little disappointed. It is a good song, but it isn’t special or unique and definitely not up to the standard I was expecting from her. The comparison with Madonna’s Express Yourself was inevitable and unfortunately for Gaga, the latter is a better song.

If Judas had to be compared to another song though, it would be Bad Romance.  The song follows the same structure of verses, some of them are really similar (oh-oh-oh, I’m in love with Judas oh-oh-oh-oh, want your bad romance) and could substitute each other in both songs. Judas feels like Bad Romance’s rebel brother. The beat is much stronger, the synth is deep and it is dirty and it collapses into a frenetic dub step three quarters into the song (what’s up with adding dub steps lately?). The song is a bit of a mess, but a crazy, good one. It feels like a reinvention, and unlike Born This Way, it works.


Listen to it here:


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