A Tour Review – Aphrodite Les Folies 2011

I have to be honest, I have never been a proper Kylie Minogue fan. With this I mean that I have enjoyed the singles she has released, but I had never been actively interested in her more than in any other casual artist with a good single. But I really enjoyed her last album Aphrodite when it came out and I decided, along with some friends, to travel to Barcelona and see her live.

I will never regret this decision.

We got there two hours early to try and get a good spot and it was windy and pouring down. Literally it had not stopped in the whole day and according to a friend who’s from Barcelona she didn’t remember such a bad day in years. After getting soaked wet, we got a good standing 5th row, that slowly turned into 3rd row once people pushed enough and made room for themselves. We were at the end of the catwalk near the centre, which would give us a good look when Kylie walked up to us.

I’ll leave the supporting acts aside (which by the way, were terrible) and give props to Kylie because she started perfectly on time. As the intro starts to play, the stage comes alive, the screens lit up and she emerges from the floor in a gold shell, Boticelli style. The first song is Aphrodite, one of the best from her latest album, written by Nerina Pallot and Andy Chatterley.

Let’s for a second leave Kylie’s vocals aside (which were fairly good, let it be said) and concentrate on the actual show dynamics. The way the show flows is, in my opinion, brilliant. Every song fits perfectly into the theme it has been assigned and most of them are re worked and re mixed and still current as ever. A personal favourite was Slow, a song that acquires a totally new sound and feel but still works, the stage dynamics helping to make the performance quite epic.

Kylie doesn’t dance much, this isn’t a dance show, but after a couple of songs you don’t even miss it. From going from side to side of the stage on a Roman carriage to literally flying to the b stage on an angel, this show is artistically brilliant and a pleasure to the eye.

Throughout the whole night, Kylie mixes some of her most recent songs such as the happy-feely Get Out of My Way or the brilliant Illusion with some of her early hits like Confide in Me and What Do I Have To Do?. The Angel section includes a cover if the Eurythmics There Must Be An Angel which Kylie makes her own.

It’s only when she arrives at the b-stage that the interaction with the crowd starts. Until this point, she had chained and delivered song after song not really stopping for anything else, but as she reaches us, she relaxes, the crowd starts chanting her name and she gets emotional. Kylie is sweet, she asks the crowd for a song to sing and then she starts an improvised a capella: Come Into My World. She runs back to the main stage to sing If You Don’t Love Me, where she tears up a little more and comes back again to sing Better The Devil You Know and Put Your Hands Up, which sounds brilliant live and seems to be working the crowd.

If the show was pretty good until this point, it was about to reach perfection, because that’s what the show encore is, pure logical and visual perfection. She appears back wearing a tight glittery body and a silky white cape, and the first bars of On A Night Like This start sounding. The song has been completely remixed and the remix comes into play just like the water does. Yes, there is water on this show, streams of water pouring from each sides of the stage that combined with the lightning form beautiful colours  and figures that change with the rhythm of the music. Whoever doesn’t get a major case of goosebumps at this point just has no soul at all.

The final performance is All The Lovers, and it is safe to say I had never witnessed anything like it before. At this point it doesn’t even feel like a pop concert anymore, it is an acrobatic, circus-esque spectacle perfectly choreographed and coordinated in which water also comes to play, making you wonder no more if Kylie is really The One.

Aphrodite is a truly classic, elegant and detailed show that will leave you amazed and wanting more. Where dance pop is concerned we confide in Kylie as she proves time after time that anyone who comes along will have to work hard to try to beat her. In the meantime, she’ll keep us entertained with the unique special way she has to make us feel her music.

*Pictures are from my personal gallery

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