Chipmunk – Transition (Album)

The title that gives the name to Chipmunk’s new album, Transition, is the perfect representation of the process that Chipmunk has experienced not only as an artist, but as a person during the past year. He said  “It kinda represents the growth in me as a person since my last album, so the sound has matured as well”. Long gone seem the Oopsy Daisy days – the sound is now much darker, the beats much stronger, reminding sometimes to Eminem’s Toy Soldiers or Without me with songs like Flying High or Armageddon .

Transition abandons the more commercial side that I Am Chipmunk endorsed with Diamond Rings or Oopsy Daisy, being the duet with Chris Brown, Champion, perhaps the most radio friendly song along with In The Air, duet with Keri Hilson that comes somewhere between Kanye’s Knock You Down and his own duet with Esmee Denters Until You Were Gone.

One of the best tracks on the album is undoubtedly FoulI never once said fuck grime/the clock kept ticking I just moved with the times/I’m smarter that’s why I do better/so don’t act clever/the insound changed, I never.

The track’s base is a poweful dirty bass and a strong beat that gains courage and force with the lyrics, provocative, combative and often sarcastic, that show Chipmunk’s essence. Another definite highlight is Pray For Me, the last song on the album that ends with Chipmunk breathtakingly rhyming a capella “pray for me and play your position, I evidently made a transition”.

The album production is absolutely brilliant and its structure is built on collaborations with world top artists like Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, Eric B, Kalenna of Diddy Dirty Money amongst others, that contribute to make this one of the best hip hop albums of the year.  For someone who doesn’t have a special preference for this genre, the album certainly could and should be a pleasant surprise.

Listen to: Transition, Champion,Follow My Lead, Foul, Take Off, Pray For Me


Transition is due for release on the 18th April.


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