SoundGirl – Don’t Know Why

Soundgirl is a three-piece girlband from London that are signed to Mercury Records and their first single, I’m The Fool is co-written by Miranda Cooper, the genius behind most (all) of Girls Aloud quirky and amazing lyrics. I’m The Fool was finally released as a free download on their official Facebook page earlier this month, and now the girls are introducing their second single, titled Don’t Know Why, which is a partial cover of a 1982 song called Why by singer Carly Simon.

If I’m The Fool had a dance vibe in the style of Katy B’s album, Don’t Know Why is instantly catchy and captures the retro vibe of the song it covers but adding a different touch, slightly faster and dancier than Carly Simon’s. The song has quite an exotic feel and it reminds me of Rihanna’s Music of The Sun. 

Out of all the emerging British girlbands, Soundgirl offer a different sound and style and a don’t-care attitude, away from high heels, over styled costumes and tons of make up. They are fresh and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more about them.

Don’t Know Why will be released in June.


You can listen to it below:


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