Beyoncé – Girls (Who Run The World)

If there’s something that can be said about Beyoncé is that she releases good singles. Some better than others (sorry, Videophone) but overall she has been consistent in the quality of her music. 2011 is the year of the big comebacks, and with Britney and Lady Gaga already getting number 1s everywhere, all the expectation was on Beyoncé. We knew her song was called Girls (Who run the world) and after listening to it, I only wish it sounded similar to the Destiny’s Child’s Girl.

Girls (Who rule the world) samples Pon De Floor, but instead of converting into a song that is at least listenable, Beyoncé’s song is basically a 4 minute loop that lacks melody, rhythm and soul, so noisy that’s almost uncomfortable to the ear. By the time it has finished, the last thing you want to do is listen to it again.



2 thoughts on “Beyoncé – Girls (Who Run The World)

  1. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it

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