Girls Aloud set the record straight

The speculation whether Girls Aloud will ever come back or not after their announced “one year break” in 2009 has not been free of controversy. There have been all sorts of stories about it, blaming it on Cheryl’s career, the girls supposed animosity towards Nadine, etc. These stories have always been dismissed by the girls themselves on various interviews but it seems that for some publications this is not enough, so today, Girls Aloud’s Record Label (Fascination, which is a subdivision of Polydor) and Girls Aloud’s PR have all tweeted the message you can see above.

It’s quite clear, but no doubt there will continue to be speculation, rumours and bullshit written until the girls finally reunite. You know what to do, girls. We’re waiting.

In the meantime let’s watch the best tour opening in the history of tour openings:

One thought on “Girls Aloud set the record straight

  1. I can’t believe how much attention is still given to idiotic publications such as “Heat” and the like. Who cares? Why react to anything they say? In other news, isn’t it nice when PR statements fit into one tweet? Also, it’s only a girlband everyone.

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