Chris Brown – Beautiful People

Beautiful People is the third single from Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. His two previous singles, Yeahx3 and Look at Me Now achieved respectable chart positions (#15 and #6 on the Billiboard chart), and Beautiful People has already charted at #8 in the UK charts despite not being due for release until May 15th.

The single is a collaboration with Grammy winner Benny Benassi and it approaches the electro-dance sound that is popular right now but adding its own distinctive touch. The song showcases a different tone to Chris Brown’s voice, who sings in a lower register and is almost unrecognizable. His voice, electronically altered, sings the lyrics Live your life, live your life/ Let the love inside in a calm, consistent way that contrasts the uplifting melody that goes in crescendo until it reaches the climax of the song and collapses into a frenetic, dance number that will for sure be a success on the dance floor.


You can listen to it below:


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