Girls Aloud, to come back next year?

New reported quotes from Metro today add to the never ending speculation surrounding Girls Aloud comeback. According to Metro, Hillary Shaw, Girls Aloud’s manager, has spoken to People and said the following:

‘Everybody wants them to make a comeback and it will be next year. Well, it is their tenth anniversary so there will be something,’ 

‘The girls are still getting on great, they speak all the time, and that includes Cheryl and Nadine with the other girls. Cheryl is keen to get back with the girls and is planning something which could be a one-off or some gigs.’

There is still an official confirmation to be made about it, but if this was true, then it would mean Girls Aloud would only come back to do live gigs for then split up definitely, sort of what the Spice Girls did in 2007 (I like to pretend ‘Headlines‘ never existed).

It’d be a bit upsetting though to see them doing a goodbye tour instead of coming back to make music, after all, Girls Aloud were only taking a year break, not leaving for good. So that’s why I’m not taking this as true until there is indeed an official confirmation coming from the usual sources.

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