Florrie – Begging Me

Florrie is an English singer, songwriter, model and drummer that in 2008 became a part of Xenomania and since then has featured on some popular artists’ records like Girls Aloud, Kylie or the Pet Shop Boys. In 2010 she started her solo career and since then she has released an EP called Introduction. Florrie’s popularity is mainly online based as one of her attractive is the free availability of her music, which can be downloaded from her official site, http://florrie.com/. Her music combines electronic elements with real instruments and while staying fundamentally pop she manages to bring something new and original every time.

Begging Me is the lead track from Florrie’s second EP, which will be out in May 2011. It has an extremely catchy chorus and the real riff bass combined with the electronic keyboards add a lot of feel into it. It sounds a bit like a Girls Aloud meets Metronomy.

Florrie is only 22 and with the amazing talent she possesses and displays, hopefully more and more people will catch up with her music.


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