Jennifer Lopez – Love

When Jennifer Lopez released On The Floor it was clear she was going down a very commercial route – in fact, the same commercial route a lot of artists have been using lately: Book a session with RedOne, get a Lady Gaga reject and make it a single. In J.Lo’s case, there is an actual Lady Gaga penned song on the album, Hypnotico, which is about the best thing on it.

Pitbull’s presence in On The Floor anticipated the general feeling of the album: it’s SO lazy. There are a couple of catchy songs (literally, a couple) but when listening to the whole thing together it all sounds very samey and generic, and it’s not like it was expected for J.Lo to bring something innovative, but most songs sound like rejected songs of people who normally get rejects.

The second single from the album, Papi, is one of those songs in which you can imagine half-naked women dancing next to a rapper as she sings “dance for your daddy”. It’s as unclassy as it is danceable, but does the beat compensate the extremely cringeworthy lyrics? I don’t think so.


Listen to: One Love, Hypnotico


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