Lady Gaga – Judas (Music Video)

The rumoured most expensive music video in history (10$ million) leaked today in low quality, forcing Gaga to premier it earlier than planned.

It features Gaga as Maria Magdalene, Judas, Jesus and his disciples as badass Harley Davison’s motorcyclists. There’s a lipstick gun (?!?!?!?!), lots of (good) dancing bits, lots of costumes and not all of them are ridiculous, she looks great and the make up is great.

The best thing is that the video has a plot and actually makes sense with the song, something that was missing with Alejandro and most definitely with Born This Way. There is no pretentious nonsensical kaleidoscopic Gaga giving birth to monsters on this one.

Also, the photography is amazing, specially on the video interlude as the sea is about to engulf her [/techy].

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