Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory

Lady Gaga has released The Edge Of Glory on iTunes tonight. The Edge Of Glory is amazing for various reasons, which will be listed below:

1. It starts with the sound of a heart beating. Everyone always loves when concerts start with a heart beating sound, so this might be perfect to be a show opener.

2. It follows with a very current sounding electronic beat, that grows and grows in intensity and pitch just like the lyrics she sings do. It’s one of those songs that have a buid up that make you tremble in anticipation of what’s coming. She is talking about edges, and the song clearly reaches one with the ending of the first verses.

3. The chorus. is. amazing. It’s instant, it’s simple, it’s also Cher and Kelly Clarkson but it’s one of those empowering moments on a song when you just want to jump and whip your hair back and forth spilling everyone’s drinks on a club.

4. There is a saxo. A solo.  The song SUDDENLY turns into an 80’s, almost Dirty Dancing esque number  making it even more amazing than it was, so if previously it had a 86% on amazingness, now it’s got a 99%. Forget dubsteps, it’s a SAXO SOLO. Why didn’t you release this earlier Gaga? WHY? Why did you make us go through Born This Way while you kept this song ALL FOR YOURSELF? Anyway, this bit is literally so incredible that you don’t realize she hasn’t bothered to sing throughout it. The saxo speaks for itself.

5. It lasts more than 5 minutes. There’s not many songs nowadays that manage to stay amazing throughout the standardized 3:50 minutes, let alone 5. 5:21, to be more precise.

6. She is the artist that manages to get the biggest amount of “baby” into a song without being Justin Bieber.


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