Lady Gaga – ‘Hair’ and ‘Marry The Night’

Lady Gaga can’t stop releasing songs. Last night she released Hair on iTunes, like any normal artist/person, and then she released Marry The Night through Farmville. Let’s not dwell in the fact she has chosen such an out of fashion Facebook game to make a release and talk about the music instead.

Normally I don’t need much time to assimilate music but right now I’m listening to Hair and Marry The Night on repeat just so I can make of this an useful, constructive review even if today my brain is feeling very dense.


1. There is again, a saxo on it. Do I see a pattern developing Gaga? There isn’t, however, a kick ass saxo solo, just random bits here and there.

2. There are a lot of “a-ha”. I don’t know why, but when I listen to a catchy song that includes “a-ha”, they normally become my favourite bits.

3. The chorus is quite good but (don’t kill me) doesn’t it sound a bit like The Edge Of Glory?*

4. The bit after the chorus, the robotic ha-ha-ha-hair bit is AMAZING.

5. The beat on this sounds like real drums at some point. And the synthetizer is great.

6. The lyrics are random and great. I’ve had enough/ This is my prayer/ That I’ll die living just as free as my hair and I just wanna be myself/And I want you to know/ I am my hair and I am my hair/ I am my hair/ It’s all the glory that I bare. How cool is this metaphor?


* Not to be interpreted as something negative AT ALL.

Marry The Night

I don’t have many thoughts about Marry The Night. Mainly because I sadly don’t find it *that* good. I mean, if MTN was a single, it would have been Born This Way instead of Judas. And it is a shame that the best part of the song is the last minute of it.

The beginning is slow and then it goes into a full on dancey chorus I’m gonna Marry The Night/ I’m not gonna cry anymore/ I’m gonna Marry the Night/ Leave nothing on the street to explore that sounds like something I’ve heard before but I can’t put my finger on. The lyrics are not a special fine moment either, in contrast with Hair.

The track is quite boring and samey until we reach the last minute of the song, that suddenly turns into a frenetic dance explosion with Gaga screaming all over it that reminds me of her (skip to minute 3:40) .
In short, Marry The Night has left me a bit cold, but with the rest of the tracks that have been released, it helps to draw a picture of how Gaga’s album is going to be and certainly contributes to increase my eagerness to finally listen to it in full.

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