Lady Gaga – Born This Way (Album Review)

Yes, this isn’t the original cover, it is actually an amazing fanmade I found on the net. The original thing is too bad to be posted on such a special day.

Because *refrains from squeeeing* Born This Way is “out there” which means I’ve been listening to the new tracks for the last half an hour. And some of them are amazing. Let’s recap:

1. Goovernment Hooker: Dirtiest beat. It combines singing bits with talking bits and just lots of moments where you can only hear the music because it is quite great. And the chorus is very catchy. It is perhaps the less traditional sounding song out of all of them, yet one of the best. 7,5/10

2. Americano: Oh Geri Halliwell, have you possessed Lady Gaga’s body? This song is funny/bad/lame/amazing/bad/hilarious/catchy/good. All in once. It feels as if Alejandro had met Mi Chico Latino, went on a party, got drunk and decided to collaborate on a song. Do not try to speak spanish ever again Gaga? Promise me? Thanks. PS: Americano makes the cut because it is funny and also a grower. 5,5/10

3. Scheiße: It is early hours and I might be over excited but this is the best song no doubt. Subjected to change in further listens. Edit: I still haven’t changed my mind. 10/10

4. You & I: This song is the only one that can be considered slow from the album (well maybe Bloody Mary falls into that category). It’s soulful and lovely and a bit boring at the beginning but it picks up midway, with the electric guitar and the backing vocals and the energy Gaga puts into singing the chorus. It’s a bit Queen-esque at some moments. Edit: It sounds a lot like The Beatles’ Hey Jude. 8,5/10

5. Bloody Mary: Darkest song of the album, it might take more than just a couple of listens to adjust to it and fully enjoy it. It sounds like it could belong to The Fame Monster, and at some points you could imagine Kylie singing it.  6,5/10

6. Bad Kids: Here is the first disappointment. The start is promising, so is the beat and the first verses. So you think, “this could be good” but then we reach the chorus and you go “oh”. A potentially badass song has a chorus with Gaga’s weakest vocals and a music that sounds demo-ish. No matter whatever lyrics Gaga was singing up till this point, the chorus makes the song mild and personally, annoying. Next. 3/10

7. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love): Again, the verses are sort of good/promising (even though not as good as Bad Kids) and the chorus FAILS again. I can’t even understand it, the chorus is the most important part of the song and there’s two songs, that by the way, follow each other on the album track listing, that fail to deliver. Skip. 2/10

8. Heavy Metal Lover:  The verses are good, very Madonna-esque, her voice sounds even similar at some points. The chorus is also good, very catchy, but ends up being a bit repetitive towards the end. The synth at the beginning sounds like a rehash of the one in Government Hooker. 6,5/10

9. Electric Chapel: She sounds like Madonna again on the verses for this. The electric guitar riff is good (it contributes to the “electric” part of the title) , so is the beat, and there’s an organ on it ( that contributes to the “chapel” bit).  But halfway through the song I am already getting bored and I don’t think that’s a good sign. 4/10

EDIT: Bonus tracks! Bonus tracks!

Black Jesus – Amen Fashion: Oh, look, more religious mentions. Tedious, honestly. However, zoning out and getting over that fact, the songs is quite strong and a bit 80s sounding, which I’ve learnt is the feeling of the bonus tracks. 6,5/10

Fashion of His Love:  SO 80s. I was almost expecting her to burst into I Wanna Dance With Somebody, in fact the chorus sounds a lot like it. I have read a few negative comments on this song and I was expecting the worst but I actually enjoy listening to it. 7/10.

The Queen: This song is The Edge Of The Glory in the 80s, the chorus sounds surprisingly alike, and it’s got a Blondie vibe at some points. Instrumental bit at the end is completely unnecessary. Really nothing special. 5/10

Good things

  1. It is a cohesive, good album overall.
  2. Some of the songs are VERY good.
  3. Scheiße
  4. The ending of Marry The Night.
  5. The metaphor in Hair.
  6. The guitar solo from You & I
  7. The Edge Of Glory
  8. The synth in Government Hooker and the John F. Kennedy reference.
  9. Americano

Bad things

  1. It is not as good as The Fame, let alone The Fame Monster
  2. There’s hardly any variation of sound throughout the album, it stays techno-electro pop practically the whole time but again without a much variation even within the genre.
  3. The chorus on Bad Kids
  4. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
  5. The excess of religious references:  Born This Way, Americano, You & I, Electric Chapel, Bloody Mary, Black Jesus – Amen Fashion, all have direct God/Jesus/Jesus Christ/Jesucristo references, most of them highly uneccesary (I’ll dance- dance- dance with my hands- hands- hands above my head like Jesus said…Somehow I can’t remember that chapter from the Bible). Now, independently of what everyone’s religious conviction/lack of is, Gaga is overusing it. Controversy and religion on pop is nothing new, Madonna already did it in the 80s, so I’m unsure of why the continuous mentions all over the album.
  6. “Baby”. I already mentioned this on the Edge of Glory review but I’ll say it again because it is another of Gaga’s bad habits. Stop rhyming it all inserting “baby” here and there and everywhere. It is LAZY.
  7. Bad Kids, Highway Unicorn, Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel, they all sound sorta different but similar at the same time, and being all together on the album the similarities are enhanced and I get the impression I’m listening to the same song again and again and again. They feel like fillers and are not as good as the rest AT ALL.
  8. Americano

Overall: 6,7.

Being generous: 7.

In Short:

  1. Born This Way
  2. Marry The Night
  3. Government Hooker
  4. Judas
  5. Americano
  6. Hair
  7. Scheiße
  8. You & I
  9. Bloody Mary
  10. Fashion of His Love
  11. The Edge Of Glory

A much better album.

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