The Saturdays – Notorious (Video)

The Saturdays have released the video for their new single, Notorious, and it is a double treat because we can finally listen to the song in full too.

Maybe it is a bit soon to say, but Notorious is one of The Saturdays best singles. It is certainly better than anything in Wordshaker (except Lose Control, but that wasn’t a single). It is also better than If This Is Love, Issues and Missing You. It is not better than Up though. YET.

Notorious‘ structure is not traditionally defined. There is not a clear chorus, the bridge makes Una’s verses sound like one but it isn’t, and then there’s more verses and more bridges and underneath it all, the bass line. The bass line is the best thing of this song and it is up there with Up‘s, it makes the song what it is, quoting, crazy and infectious.

There is not a definite uplifting moment on the song, but rather the whole song is uplifting.  And the video is the perfect fun, funny and lighthearted girlband video. Props to The Sats for not taking themselves too seriously.



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