A bit of Cheryl Tweedy sympathy.

Think back when Girls Aloud were together. They were the best thing in pop, and there was this marvelous thing called The Curse (Does anyone remember this and this from years ago?), if anyone dared to take a dig at them, they would have to deal with the inevitable consequences.  Ask the Sugababes or Charlotte Church. Girls Aloud just had that look, that “if we wanted, if we could only be bothered, we could destroy you” look.

But then they took a break and the almighty protection of The Curse disappeared. And a series of catastrophes followed. But things were looking up. The girls were in talks of a reunion. No more beef about Nadine on the tabloids, news about sleepovers at Kimba’s. THINGS WERE LOOKING UP.

That is, until Cheryl ‘got fired’ from the US X Factor. Just like that. After 4 audition days, after speculating with her joining the show for a WHOLE YEAR. And I use quotation marks because nobody has bothered to clarify this, which seems quite cruel considering the blame is on something as trivial as her accent. There is no one out there trying to sort this mess out, defend her even. Just a defeating silence.

And all I can think of is how she must be feeling. It’s funny, right, that we could be feeling for someone who, looking at the bigger picture, is infinitely richer and more popular and “luckier” in general terms that all of us put together. But she is also the feisty one from Girls Aloud, the one with the wonky teeth and the thick accent and the dimpled smile. That’s OUR Cheryl, the one we have always supported, for fatter, for thinner and throughout fashion disasters when no one else bothered.

Maybe it takes her a while to come back, maybe she’ll emerge tomorrow with a smile. Whatever happens, hopefully every misplaced piece on the puzzle will fall back into place and, at some point, we’ll see her back where she belongs, on a stage, on her own or with her four friends and their five glittery microphones and magnificent hair, restarting the well needed balance that pop needs.

And may the Curse of Girls Aloud start working again.


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