So, American Idol

American Idol’s finale was just the other day, we’ll call it the S Day (S is for ‘sacking’ but let’s not talk about that, I’m still not over it). They had pretty impressive ratings and no wonder, considering both Beyoncé and Lady Gaga performed their new singles on the show. Not at the same time of course, because that would have been a bit of a mess.

Beyoncé’s new single is called 1 + 1 and it ain’t Run The World (Girls). THANK GOD for that. It is actually a pretty ballad about people who are in love. Is it as good as Halo? No. But it is very good still. It also includes the uncommon-in-pop word “algebra” on the lyrics.  Here in Spain a guy became famous once singing a song called 1 + 1 = 7. He wasn’t very good at algebra, clearly.

The song is built on a very 80s guitar arpeggio and a very 80s drums. And Beyoncé’s voice, of course. And it has a pretty amazing guitar solo at the end of it.

The performed version is more acoustic, piano based and it doesn’t have the said solo, but it’s good nonetheless:


And now, four words for Lady Gaga: “Fire your saxo man”. And maybe “Get A Better One”. That would be eight words in total.


And She also performed this:

One of her best singles.

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