Parade – Perfume

Lately I’ve been nagged to listen, pay attention and write about new-ish girlband Parade, who are due to release their second single, Perfume on June 20th. The song is an easy going, harmless and quite catchy pop tune that will fit nicely into a summer playlist with songs in the likes of S Club 7.

There is nothing wrong with Parade. They are five beautiful, perfectly styled girls that can dance*, can sing and can release fun pop songs. I guess they don’t quite click for me because I expect something from them that makes them stand out, something they can only bring that is new, original, that identifies them as *them*.

Girls Aloud had their own sound and lyrical style; The Saturdays, something as simple yet eye-catching as each girl having their own colour. The Spice Girls had energetic in-your-face personalities and they looked like they were really having fun all the time.

Parade are yet to show what their signature is, that *something* they only have that will make us all remember them in five years.

Watch their Perfume video below:


*Better than The Saturdays

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