Nicola Roberts – Beat of My Drum (Review)

Queen Nicola Roberts has prematurely released her first solo video for Beat of My Drum this evening. The song got its first play yesterday at Radio 1 where she was adorably nervous about people’s reactions to it. This is my attempt of a review, though nothing I can possibly say will convey how I really feel about this song. So anyway, let’s s start with:

1. This song is factually brilliant.

2. It is very catchy.

3. It is really different from anything being released by any female solo popstar at the moment.

4. It is edgy.

5. It has a breakdown bit in the middle of the song which does not include a fashionable dubstep yet is still mind blowing.

6. It includes a Dirty Dancing reference. I love Dirty Dancing.

The video totally makes the song justice. The first and only world that comes to mind to describe it is cool. Very cool in fact. From the dancers to her own dancing to the outfit and the scenario, it all looks weirdly spontaneous yet controlled to the minimal detail. The lightning is perfect and the camera editing is very clever. It’s full of little moments to remember, little key moves, like Nicola doing L-O-V-E with her hands, the cheerladers bit, her red jumper, etc etc. It’s elegant.

The best thing about the video is that she has such an attitude through the whole thing, it’s like a calmness, like she is above it all, on her element and exuding confidence. Some people call it lack of charisma but it isn’t really. That’s what she is, Nicola Roberts. She will never be the one that shows off in a typical popstar fashion. Rather, you’ll have to pay attention just so you don’t miss how special she really is.


Watch and listen to Beat of My Drum below:


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