Beyoncé – 4 (Album)

Beyoncé is an artist that has steadily released incredible singles, regardless of the quality of the rest of the songs in the album. And I list: Crazy In Love, Naughty Girl, Me Myself and I, Baby Boy, Beautiful Liar, Irreplaceable, Listen, Deja Vu, Single Ladies, If I Were A Boy, Halo, Broken Hearted Girl, Sweet Dreams, Ego, Why Don’t You Love Me and, um, Videophone.

Got that? 99% of success when it comes to single releases. That, until Run The World (Girls) came along. Because truth is, this song is not up with Beyoncé’s standards. Even if you like it, you must admit Beyoncé is much, MUCH better than this. Yes, the Billboard performance is flawless, and as you watch her through awe you might not notice the song that much, but it is still there. Sadly.

If Run The World is her worst single, then 4 is her worst album. There are still decent songs, some good, some great, and then there are bad songs. This album < I Am…Sasha Fierce. But again, I Am...> the rest of Beyoncé’s albums. 4 is lacking, really lacking of a good stand out song. Most of the songs are a bit boring, the album as a whole is not consistent. Following I Am…Sasha Fierce doesn’t help at all. Everything in 4 sounds mild in comparison.

On my iTunes, it goes like this:

So there you go. I would recommend the songs with four stars. Best Thing I Never Had is the second single, and it a typical Beyoncé midtempo, quite good. Love On Top is a funky 80’s song very in the style of Whitney Houston. I Was There is a heartfelt ballad, even though it is no Halo, but Bey’s vocals make up for it. There are also other good tracks, like 1 + 1, I Care, Countdown and End of Time look like they might be growers.

The biggest highlight of the album is, no doubt, her wonderful voice.

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