Melanie C – Rock Me

When it comes to Melanie C’s music we could say she has been quite inconsistent throughout her career, quality wise. Her first album, Northern Star, is her best as well as her most successful record. She released fairly great songs like Never Be The Same Again, Northern Star or I Turn To You which have aged well and are still quite popular and well-known. Her second album, however, is her weakest, though it still charted #5 on the Official charts way back in 2003. Reason was followed by Beautiful Intentions, her third album but the first released through her own label, Red Girl, after being dropped by Virgin Records. Beautiful Intentions was successful in Europe because of  First Day Of My Life, a song that charted at number #1 in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. It was specially successful in Germany, where it sold half a million copies. Also from Beautiful Intentions are the brilliant Here and Now and the angsty You’ll Get Yours, that were never singles but are probably the best songs on the album.

Her last album, This Time, was released shortly before the Spice Girls reunion. The first single, The Moment You Believe, was also number 1 in Spain and Portugal and charted inside the top 10 in a couple other countries, but neither the album or the singles managed to succeed in the UK charts. From This Time I would highlight What If I Stay, a gentle, stripped down song that through its simplicity still manages to pull a few heartstrings.

So now Melanie C is back with a new album, The Sea, to be released later this year, and the first single, Rock Me, unveiled its video yesterday. The single is quite catchy, and feel good, and within Melanie C’s career it certainly belongs to her best. The video isn’t as good, in fact I’d say it is quite bad, the shots where she is dressed up and with her hair up don’t really make sense when 2 seconds before there were a group of women playing football on the streets and Melanie C was rocking the Sporty look and doing high kicks. Still, in the big scheme of things, I guess this won’t matter if the album is good, which I really hope.




3 thoughts on “Melanie C – Rock Me

  1. I can’t wait for Melanie C’s album. Been a huge fan since about 1999 and excited for The Sea and Rock Me. Wonder what her first UK single will be?

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