Florrie – Experimenting with Rugs

Florrie is a very cool and pretty popstar, I told you about her a while ago. Till now she had released her music for free on her official site and refused any sort of contract with any label in order to be 100% creatively free and just do what she wants, which is: 1. make great pop songs and 2. tour them. Her first EP, Introduction, can be downloaded here. Her second EP, Experiments, will be available on iTunes from June 14th.

And the track to introduce this second EP is Experimenting With Rugs, a melancholic electro track that is a reminder of Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Girls Aloud’s work. The softness and tone of her voice adds a special vulnerability to the song, specially as she sings the pre-chorus, you go ahead and make believe that we could smile and pretend/ but I only wanna be happy and we have come to the end. The guitar riff is beautiful and it takes me straight to Crocodile Tears, by Girls Aloud.

Experimenting With Rugs, though not as instant as her past work, is definitely a grower.


You can listen to the song below:

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