Nicola Roberts – Dance In The Rain and Lucky Day

Even at risk of monopolizing the blog talking about this amazing ginger lady (at this rate I will have to change the name into The Nicolapop or something… The Jukecola?) I have to yet make another post about her. Because this week we’ve heard two more of her songs. Clue: none of them are disappointing. AT ALL.

The first track is called Lucky Day and she performed it live at Liverpool Echo Arena and it actually sounds amazing. Yes, it is a bit early to say because the quality of the video is not the best, but still, if sounds good enough in bad quality it has to sound even better in HQ, doesn’t it?

The second track is called Dance In The Rain and it surfaced on the net as a demo, so I’m not sure whether it will be on the album or not. The verses are really good and maybe it is the chorus what is lacking of something a little, but it is still a good song that could fit on a SEB album, for instance.


Basically Nicola continues being flawless and reminding us all that Beat Of My Drum and Porcelain Heart are not exceptions, more like the standard quality that her album will provide and that only makes the eagerness of finally listening to it grow to cloud sky levels.


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