Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Video

Katy Perry released the video for her new single, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) yesterday. It is an EPICNESS of monster proportions.

The video starts with that kid on a bike throwing newspapers around the neighbourhood, like in any typical American family film. As Katy’s name appears on screen you already know it’s going to be good. One thing to highlight about this video is that it follows the lyrics of the song, turning it into a short movie. Why do stars insist on making videos that make no sense with the song they are singing? Being artsy is overrated.

Katy Perry’s alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry, is waking up in her messy room. There’s a stranger in my bed /there’s a pounding in my head…

That guy that goes out with Kurt from Glee pops up to declare that last night’s party was the best party EVER.

And it must have been a really good one, seen there’s this guy…

And this girl…

And Kathy is like, what the hell? I don’t even know these people. Where is my solar system?

Also, There’s a hickie or a bruise in her neck and she can’t remember who made it.

Pictures of last night/ Ended up online/ I’m screwed

‘Cause this is what happened. Kathy was only doing Sudoku in her bedroom, and there was a party happening across the road…

…At Rebecca Black’s house, aka. The Coolest Girl From School. And Kathy wasn’t even invited, how is that possible?

I mean, Everett (that other guy from Glee) was invited. And he isn’t cool, not even on Glee.

Rebecca is not only cool, but intelligent, and understands that Kathy can only be at her party if she gets rid of that moustache. She is so thoughtful she kindly offers herself to help.

It seems that Rebecca can also do perms too, so Kathy ends up like a 90’s result of Extreme Makeover.

And because this is the 90’s, they do the robot dance and everyone thinks is cool. Someone should do the running man next.

Oh, there it is.

The party moves to the garden and Uncle Kenny G arrives just in time for a saxo solo!

Hanson are also there. Everyone is having the time of their lives, so I guess they were playing MMMBop.

The party moves once again, this time to Kathy’s bedroom, and Steve The Super Hunk grabs a handful. Kathy doesn’t really mind that much, but Everett does, cause he wants to grab a handful too.

So they fight, and it’s like on the video games. And Everett wins. Maybe he is cooler than the one from Glee after all.

And they live happily ever after. On his dreams.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) is the fifth single from Teenage Dream, and with it Katy Perry rises her game once again. The marketing campaign for this single and video has been nothing short of brilliant. She didn’t only create a fictional character on the video, she set up a Twitter and a Facebook account for Kathy and released short videos to give her a background story. Kathy is a 13-year-old kid and she fancies the likes of Hanson, JTT, Devon Sawa, Leo Dicaprio and Matt Laurence. The character has been cleverly set up in the 90’s, as most of Katy’s fans would have been kids during this era, thus making her more relatable to her audience. All this has been very effective and  created a huge buzz around the single, despite it being the 5th from an album that is almost one year old.

Katy is also very convincing as a comedy actress, which is great to see. The inclusion of cameos only contributes to the epicness of it all. It’s an amazing video, a reminder that pop is about having fun and when done properly, the result can only be brilliant.


Watch the video below:

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