Take That – Progressed

I am a huge Take That fan. I loved them when they were a cheesy 90’s boyband, and I loved their comeback as a four-piece. I love the style the band adopted for Beautiful World and Circus, more organic and mature, perhaps less fun but equally enjoyable (or more) than their earlier work. We grew up, so did their music and it makes sense.

When Robbie came back, I got super excited. Robbie’s solo stuff is AMAZING, Take That’s four-piece work is AMAZING, so I imagined the result of the two combined would be pants wetting. Progress is a good album, but not as good as the expectation of how good it could have potentially been. There are a lot of great songs on it though, and it sold in a truly Adele’s fashion (a fucking lot) so I doubt there’s anyone who still doesn’t have a copy.

Progressed is a re release that includes 8 new tracks and it can be purchased all together or separately, like Lady Gaga did with The Fame Monster. The single to promote it is Love Love, a track that sounds like their previous single, Kidz, but without being as great as Kidz.

The new tracks include the melancholic When We Were Young, which is more in the style of Take That’s Circus sound than Progress. From the new tracks, this is my favourite.  Beautiful is frenetic, electro based and strong from start to end. Don’t Say Goodbye shares the essence of Progress. It is a bit boring, and I personally don’t like the arrangement very much, but that’s just me. Man is another electronic based track, and though it shares similarities with Love Love, I prefer this one. The Day The Work Is Done is lyrically and musically similar to The Flood, it is filled of that epicness that is also in Patience. Aliens is a more rocky track with lead vocals from Howard and it reminds me to S.O.S a bit, it’s the same kind of song. Wonderful World is a Mark Owen ballad and it is again a bit boring.

In short, the new tracks follow the same style as Progress, a bit hit and miss.  There doesn’t seem to be a cohesive sound and it is instead an experimental mix of styles and sounds.

Progressed is out now.

Listen to Love Love below:

One thought on “Take That – Progressed

  1. I personally think the highlights on “Progressed” are “When we were young” and “Don’t say goodbye” (who can resist a Gary Barlow falsetto?). The rest didn’t do much for me.

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