Florrie – Experiments EP

Florrie’s new EP, titled Experiments, is out now and it is only 1.99 on iTunes (pounds, euros and dollars, depending on where you are). And this is definitely a “go and buy it” post. Why? Because Florrie is very talented and 1.99 is silly money to pay. In fact, we normally pay around that amount for a single, and Florrie’s EP has SIX songs + digital booklet. Think of your favourite artist releasing a single with 5 b-sides and some cute pics for that money. You (we) would wet your (our) pants. So what about spending it on a cool popstar that hasn’t got a record contract? Seems only fair.

Experiments opens with a track called Speed of Light. There’s some vocoder in this to add an electronic feel to Florrie’s voice on the chorus. And I keep all the pieces of my heart in a little box/cause I know what you’re looking for is a great lyric. Is this song very good? Yes.

Experimenting With Rugs is the track that follows, which I already chatted about a few days ago. It is a melancholic, delicate song, Florrie’s vocals are really spot on, the melody has something addictive about it. It is definitely a grower. Is this song very good? Yes.

What You Doing This For is the next one, and the pace slows down. The melody, though less electronic than with the two previous tracks, shares a certain melancholy with Experimenting With Rugs. This one may be my least favourite, but it doesn’t even mean I dislike it, I just don’t like it as much as the others.

I Took a Little Something is the Call 911 of this EP. The instrumental is instantly catchy and makes you want to dance, Ibiza style. Is this song very good? Yes. And it is also slightly more brilliant than the others.

Begging Me is the next track, and if you don’t remember, these were my thoughts about it. The way she sings I gotta lotta gadgets/I gotta lotta you/and if you wanna grab it/go and break the rules/I gotta lotta gadgets/I gotta lotta burn/so come on learn/I know I want you to is super cool. Is this song very good? Yes.

She Always Gets What She Wants is the last (oh no) song of the EP, and it is a total change of style. It is a trumpets dominated track with a funky bass and cool drums. She always gets what she wants in the end/if you hold out your hand/she might let you pretend is another cool lyric. Is this song very good? Yes.

In short, if you like electronic inspired pop, and you fancy discovering new talented artists, you should give Florrie a go.


Buy Florrie’s Experiments EP. UK / USA / France / Spain / Australia / Deutchsland

PS: She is super pretty.

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