Dionne Bromfield – Good For The Soul

Dionne Bromfield is a very talented 15 year old who is releasing her second album in July this year. Her single Foolin‘ is out the 27th of June and you can read a bit more about it here. Her album, Good For The Soul, not only showcases her incredible soulful voice, but is a collection of good, consistent hooking tunes.

The album opens with first single, Yeah Right, an easy, fun song with a very catchy melody. It features a rap from Diggy Simmons and despite being released earlier in the year, it is a song that it would have worked very well in Summer. Good For The Soul is the next track that gives the title to the album. It is a slower, melancholic sounding song that reminisces to Duffy’s first album. Dionne’s vocals are really good, so is the production of the song, although that is a constant throughout the album. The guitar and organ contribute to the soul of the track. Sweetest Thing is a more upbeat song, reminds me to Yeah Right a bit, it’s on that sort of vibe.

Too Soon To Call It Love is one of my favourite songs from the album. The music is wonderful, the orchestral instrumentals are arranged in a way that gives the song a lot of sense as a whole, a distinctive deepness that fills our ears with all the different nuances to it. We’ve seen this sort of style being pulled off before by people like Amy Winehouse or Duffy but the vocals in this case acquire a gentle quality to them that, keeping the distances, reminds me to Emma Bunton’s Free Me album.

Ouch, That Hurt is a more relaxed song lyrically and instrumentally and it sounds similar to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. If That’s How You Wanna Play has an instantly catchy chorus. The bass on A Little Love is low and deep, there’s handclaps, and a moment near the ending of the song where the instruments go silent, minus the drums, and the backing singers go “it’s just a little love/ a little love / a little love / a little love” in a very Supremes way. Time Will Tell is another of my favourites, a very addictive song with a very funky bass. Dionne’s vocals are probably the best on the album. Precisely talking about vocals, Get Over It is another prime example of the abilities she possesses, her voice is clear and strong yet with that oldies vibe about it that allows her to blend with the style she is performing to perfection.

Remember Our Love sounds familiar but I don’t really know why. Within this 60s, motown vibe, Remember Our Love sounds almost two decades younger because of it’s arrangement. The chorus gets engraved in your mind and you find yourself humming to it.  Because not everything can be perfect, In Your Own World is slightly boring, specially contrasted with the following song, Don’t Make It True, that kickstarts with trumpets and keeps a fairly high pace throughout it. Dionne’s vocals on this song are so far the most similar to godmother Amy Winehouse. Move A Little Faster is another favourite, a rockier version of Dionne that includes a chorus of “yeah-yeah” that is instantly hooking.

In short, we could say that though it is sorta obvious that Amy Winehouse is a big influence in Dionne’s music, this album is far from a carton copy. Good For The Soul is very upbeat and in general good-feely, very fresh and promising with the distinctive stamp of the 15-year-old’s incredible voice.


Listen to: Yeah Right, Good For The Soul, Foolin’, Too Soon To Call It Love, Ouch That Hurt, Time Will Tell, A Little Love, Move A Little Faster

You will like it if: You like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Adele

You can listen to a sampler of the album below:

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