Chris Brown – Next 2 You ft. Justin Bieber

Despite the profound dislike I have for Chris Brown’s persona, it is factual he releases great pop tunes most of the time, which often become my guilty pleasures. I really liked Beautiful People, so I liked his collaboration with Chipmunk for his Transition album, and this new track with Justin Bieber is well, amazing.

The beat is incredible and the lyrics are so tender and lovely from start to end you may even forget he is a total bellend. Next 2 You is one of those unconditional love songs, and while a little sentimental it doesn’t yet win the Bruno Mars prize of Super Corny Lyrics. Also it is important to point out that Justin Bieber’s voice has changed a lot, his voice is lower and deeper (hello, puberty) and I think, nicer.

The video looks very expensive, it is very sci-fi with lots of effects, very dramatic and catastrophic and I think Chris Brown dies at the end trying to jump a huge gap that only people like Spiderman would have been able to jump. Justin Bieber, however, gets his girl safe and sound in the end.




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