Lady Gaga – The Edge Of Glory (Video)


After watching The Edge of Glory video I have the same feeling as when I saw the god awful Born This Way album cover. The said feelings can be conveyed in one word: “WHY!??”, though TEOG isn’t as offending as the album artwork. It’s just that it is very boring and I don’t get it. Coming from Lady Gaga, someone unable to wear normal clothes and make normal videos, she came up with an absolute boringfest.

The video is basically Gaga doing three things:

1. Singing from a window with a lot of smoke around her and light coming from behind. Maybe the house was on fire. We will never know because that scene doesn’t really progress. Most of the time it looks like this:

2. Gaga coming back from G.A.Y drunk trying to find her way home. And I say this because she walks up and down the same pathway quite a lot. She seems to be a little disoriented.

I wish she had done some strange but amazing dance moves to justify it, like this:

3. Gaga on some stairs shouting “MJ, come and get me”.

There he is.

4. Gaga doing weird things on another set of stairs with the company of a sax man. I like to imagine it is Bleeding Gums Murphy from The Simpsons.

She isn’t, however, surrounded by adorable 90’s kids.

And that is basically what The Edge Of Glory video is about. Inexplicably, the best song in Born This Way gets the worst video. Maybe the rumours that she fired Joseph Kahn in the middle of the shoot have anything to do with it.


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