Today’s amazingness.

I was only 7 when my dad bought me a VHS tape called One Hour With Girl Power. I used to watch it religiously every day, it was subtitled to Spanish so I could repeat like a parrot everything they said both in Spanish AND English, even if I couldn’t understand the later.

At the end of that VHS tape, there was this performance. It is special to me for many reasons: it symbolises my childhood, somehow all my most vivid memories are related in one way or another to it. It kick started my fascination for music; though the Spice Girls are not the first music I ever listened they are the first artist I ever became a fan of. It was way back when my aunts were young and single, they still lived at my grandma’s, and I was the only kid in the family, which meant they would dance to this with me to death because I would literally force them to play the Spice Girls with me. Despite being a shy child, this performance would make me dress up and put make up on and do showcases in front of people. I was comfortable being a Spice kid.

In 2010 this performance would be crowned the Most Memorable Performance in BRITs History, despite competing against Michael Jackson and Oasis amongst others. Girls Aloud were also nominated and a lot of young(er) fans could not understand why such a simple performance (‘they mimed!!!’) could in any way be worth of such recognition.

This performance, the Union Jack dress and the Spice Girls became the symbol of not just my childhood but also a decade, the 90s, and a generation, MY generation. And for that, I thank them.


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