Britney Spears – I Wanna Go (Video)

Britney Spears premiered today the video for her new single I Wanna Go and it is amazing. But it is Katy Perry amazing, not Lady Gaga amazing, and with this I mean that it’s more for its plot than the way it’s done that it is good. Britney makes fun of herself and her own life situation and there’s a lot of key moments to highlight including a little homage to Michael Jackson. The video tells us a little story (two videos with story on the same month ZOMG) so it deserves another small pic review.

So we are on a press conference with Britney and everyone is asking really stupid questions…

This guy is like,’ does this suit makes me look fat’?

And she’s like, ‘yes’, looking at him with disdain.

They ask a few more stupid questions and she’s quickly getting fed up with it so she literally goes: FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU to them all. It’s censored tho, so it’s F-CK you on the actual video.

So she leaves the place and it goes like this:

1. She grabs someone’s ass.

2. She flashes her boobs at the police.

3. She has sexy times with the police.

4. She poses for the paps.

6. She trashes their cameras.

7. She climbs to the top of a car and paparazzi surround her.

8. So she’s like “die bitches” to them too.

And then, um, we find out that paparazzi are in fact robots and she is their main target.

So this random guy comes to rescue her.

And then throws milk all over himself. And Britney bits her lip. She finds it sexy.

Oh shit he is a robot too!

But then she’s there at the press conference again, because it was all a dream, just like in Baby One More Time.

And the random guy appears again and she is like, ‘I had the weirdest dream’.

And he’s like, ‘don’t worry baby, let’s get outta here… mwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa’ *evil laugh, evil face, evil eyes*

Just like in Thriller.

In short:

1. There’s a lot of things Britney cannot do in real life that she did on this video.

2. Paparazzi are evil.

3. She can’t trust anybody because even her friend/random guy/manager/ whatever is evil.


Watch the video below:


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