Nadine Coyle – Sweetest High (review)

Nadine announced barely a week ago that she was releasing a new track, and here it is. Literally, with no promo or buzz whatsoever, she has released a dance track called Sweetest High.

The song starts with a recording of Nadine humming the beat of the song, and then the song properly starts. And I must stay, the start is promising. The verses and the bass are sort of good in a On The Floor kinda way, it’s got edge and I found myself moving my head to it so it was definitely a good thing. Then, the chorus kicks in, and it’s still good. But from then on it sort of gets a little bit deflated, because it is basically a repetition of the first part of the song. Then, there is a “breakdown” with a loooooong high note right before we hit the last chorus, but it still sounds deflated and a bit boring.

And I thought, this could have done with a key change. The lyrics are repetitive, and we’re not going to blame her for that because most pop/dance songs ARE indeed made of repetitive lyrics, but the music is repetitive too, and when both facts combine together well, it gets boring. A key change on the last chorus, with a bit more punch on the beat would have improved the song in an 67,5%, approx.

Still, it is a decent song. I guess. It isn’t at all a disappointment because I had absolutely no expectations about it. It’s just that there’s nothing different or special about the track, and as my friend said on MSN, it wouldn’t really matter if it was sung by Alexandra Stan or Inna instead of Nadine. Would I dance this on a club at 3 AM? Yes. Will I be listening to this in two weeks? Not so sure.

Still, give it a go. It is better than the 50% of the Insatiable album.


Suggestions for future Nadine attempts: Fred Falke, Xenomania, Nicola FUCKING Roberts. Or, you know, Girls Aloud.

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