Beyoncé @ Glastonbury 2011

Beyoncé made history last night being the first female act to headline at Glastonbury Festival. Her set started with Crazy in Love and from then on she delivered hit after hit in a performance full of energetic dancing and flawless vocals.

Now, you may be a fool who is not really into Beyoncé, who doesn’t like her even, but surely you’ve still got a bit of common sense to see what a pure, incredibly talented performer she is. There is no other female artist that gets even close in terms of stage presence. Her voice doesn’t even falter once no matter how much dancing had she been doing and no matter how long she had been singing. She can do uptempo and ballads and other people’s covers and it always sounds glorious. Last night she covered Prince and Kings Of Leon amongst others but as usual she really shone with her own material, specially the Destiny’s Child medley and the Sweet Dreams/Eurhytmics mash up.

Her set finished with Halo and it was perfect. Other highlights included Single Ladies and Irreplaceable.  Now watch it and dare to say it isn’t special.

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