Randomness of today

This weekend is filled with Pride celebrations, so here are a few songs and moments to get in the spirit.


1. Melanie C’s collaboration with Lisa Left Eye Lopes is not only one of her best songs but one with lyrics to double take.

2. Rihanna’s got a secret admirer she cannot return feelings to.

3. From Jessie J’s album, Who You Are, a song about rainbows. What else could you want?

4. The ever so subtle Geri Halliwell.

5. Kylie, singing for All The Lovers.

6. Robyn is supposedly singing I’m not the girl you’re taking home but it sounds like she pronounces guy, doesn’t it? Whether it is intentional or not,  what else in the world is possibly better than this song?

7. Nobody really knows what were Robbie and Gary thinking when they shot their own take to Brokeback Mountain.

8. Elton John labelled it the new I Will Survive. Not quite, but still good.

9. Kimberley “girls can fancy us all day long” Walsh once sang a song about a girl without changing the pronoun and it was great.

10. And then Cheryl went and actually changed the pronoun.


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