Selena Gomez & The Scene – When The Sun Goes Down

Listening to a good album by an artist you like is satisfactory, because we expect our favourites to never disappoint. But the pleasant surprise of loving something you didn’t expect to love is also great, and that’s the case for me with this album. When The Sun Goes Down isn’t about groundbreaking innovation, it is about consistence. Consistently catchy, consistently good, consistently pop.

The album starts with the single, Love You Like a Love Song. The beat and the pace is a reminder of Naturally, and it is instantly hooking. In fact all you wanna do when it ends is hitting re-pe-pe-pe-peat, as the song itself suggests. But Bang Bang Bang is the same, just as catchy, in fact I’ve had it playing in my head intermittently throughout the week. And in follows Who Says, which is avaliable in Spanish too, Dices, and it is fresh and summery, We Own The Night is a nice song, almost Disney, about teenager summer love. In Hit The Lights Selena goes dance and in Whiplash she goes Britney, who actually wrote the song for her.

The  track that gives name to the album is another feel good track about partying and having fun. It’s yet another upbeat, feel happy song, which is the feeling the entire album gives out. My Dilemma is another electro track that shines through Selena’s vocals. I am not too keen on That’s More Like It, but Outlaw makes up for it. The album rounds up with Middle of Nowhere and the already mentioned Dices.

When The Sun Goes Down is an easily listenable piece of good pop that deserves a place in my heart and my iPod this summer. I suggest you give it a listen.


Listen to: Love You Like A Love Song, Bang Bang Bang, Hit The Light, Whiplash, When The Sun Goes Down

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