If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I’ve spent 10 days in London and that’s the reason why this blog has been an orphan during that exact amount of days. Those 10 days were filled with crazy!London weather, lots of food, music, tube delays and Harry Potter. No friends because I ain’t got any. Just kidding.

So basically it goes like this:

We were going to see

But we ended up at

Eating nachos. And then I saw

with the funniest people I’ve ever met. Then we went home and the next time we saw each other I met

…who was quite ‘kool’ and had heels on so high that would break my ankles if I tried to walk in them.

And while we were there some REALLY ANNOYING slash intrusive borderline wrong people were there filming a documentary called Chasing Cheryl, which sounded like the crappiest unofficial documentary that is ever gonna be done about her.

I have a cousin in London who loves The Justin Bieber, so I listened to a lot of this

I actually like that song now, which is a bit confusing. However, I didn’t buy anything by Justin Bieber when I went to

I didn’t buy Beyoncé’s new album either, even though I went to the recording of her show that is gonna be aired in December. She was INCREDIBLE singing this:

I might like her album a bit more after listening to some of the tracks. And she bought us pizza!

That is the pizza delivering guy. And this is my hand:

The next day, I ended my childhood. In 3D.


And that’s what you missed on The Jukepop.

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