Adele – 21

According to the Official Charts Company, Adele is back to the #1 spot with 21, being 17 the total of non-consecutive weeks she has spent at that position, equaling The Beatles’ Abbey Road album. This means two things:

  1. Adele is like one of those selfish kids at school that won’t get off the swing and let other kids play on it
  2. There are still people in the United Kingdom that haven’t bought the album.

21‘s record breaking success owes a lot to the performance of Someone Like You at the Brit Awards. Rolling In The Deep had already managed to reach #2 by that point, but without capturing the heartbreak that the record is all about.

Standing alone with the help of a piano, Adele’s voice breaks at the end of the song, barely stopping the tears. Someone Like You is one of those songs that give instant goosebumps the first second they start playing, preluding the truly piece of art our ears are about to listen to. As an individual song it stands out, though in the context of the album it mixes perfectly, with songs like Turning Tables, Set Fire To The Rain and One and Only following close by, equally heartbreaking and chills inducing. In the grey field of the broken hearted, there is also a tiny space for hope with I Will Be Waiting. 

21 is one of the best albums of 2011 and one of my all time favourites. Every week it spends at #1 is well deserved, a compensation for every not-so-good record that reaches the top of the charts.


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