Leona Lewis – Collide

Collide is Leona Lewis’ comeback song, and the only word to describe it is Epic with a capital E. The proportion of its epicness is still to be discovered, it certainly takes more than one listen to ‘get’ it, but once you do it is a growing process of discovering all the nuances to it that make it special. It sounds a bit Coldplay and a bit Florrie but with an extra spirit added into it that gives the push Coldplay often lacks (not Florrie, she never lacks anything as she is perfect).

There is an AMAZING remix by Afrojack that is blasting so loud right now it might make my ears explode.

If we look back at Leona’s history of first singles, we can find that:

Leona Lewis, 2007 (amazing)

Leona Lewis, 2009 (not so great)

Leona Lewis, 2011 (Epic)

Talk about evoluting successfully.


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