Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day

Earlier today a rough edit of Nicola Roberts’ new video for Lucky Day leaked, which made the track finally available to listen in full and allowed us all to get a first general idea of what the Lucky Day video is supposed to be.

The song is, as the live versions predicted, very good, and sounds a bit Dragonette, who Nicola wrote the song with. It sounds more radio friendly than Beat of My Drum. While everyone across the wide fields of the internet seem to agree in that it is a good track, there’s quite a division when it comes to the way Nicola’s voice sounds in it. It is definitely not the gentle, soft voice of “hello, did you call me?”, it has a strong vibrato and as some put it, she sounds “whiny”, but personally I am not bothered, not enough to cause me the slightlest displeasure while listening to the song, which, by the way, has been on repeat for quite a lot of time now. I LOVE IT.

It is too early to judge the video as the leaked edit is a very rough one, but it has Nicola walking along a NY street and it seems that it will have a lot of effects, so hopefully it will be more LDN by Lily Allen than The Edge Of Glory.


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