Lady Gaga – You And I (Video)

Lady Gaga. You And I.

As with every Gaga video from the Born This Way era, I am left feeling a bit strange after watching it, but now I have assumed this is the way I’m going to feel when I watch them. So having this settled, the video is a succession of odd costumes, settings and scenes with no clear correlation between them, but with a common outline that leaves a bitter feeling about Gaga’s man, though most of it is left to the imagination.

The photography is amazing, specially in these shots at the beginning, which will re appear through the video. So far this seems to be the artsy, nonsense part of the video, yet the most visually beautiful.

A stripped down Lady Gaga plays the piano. It’s actually really nice to see her with this sort of lay down look and what looks like a white nightgown, in opposite to the recharged looks she spots on the rest of the video.

This is Joe Calderone, Gaga’s male after ego.

They make out and it is kinda hot. I think on this scene Gaga is characterized as Calderone.

The video has quite a lot of choreography, which funnily enough is the strangest part of it, because the song is kinda Queen-esque ballad, you don’t have to dance to it, simply air guitar the solos.

Also, Gaga is a mermaid in part of it and her seemingly bad boyfriend has sex with her. With a mermaid. I’m still trying to figure that out.

There’s a wedding at the end and some cuddling in the water-bed with the mermaid. Here it is. You and I video.

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