So last night, the VMAs 2011 happened and they pretty much can be summed up like this:

Beyoncé is pregnant, which means she’ll be growing a body inside her own body, she’ll swell and get big and then she’ll give birth to it and then she’ll be taking care of it in one of those so called ‘breaks’ popstars love to take that fans hate and God knows when she is going to come back with another album. Anyway, it is cute news and she announced it in a cute way, after a flawless performance of my favourite song in 4, Love On Top:

Jay Z and Kanye seemed naturally elated by the news, seen one is the father and the other one is going to be like the cool uncle that has diamond teeth.

Lady Gaga’s alter ego Joe Calderone also performed with BRIAN FUCKING MAY the latest Lady Gaga single, You And I:

There was a touching tribute to Amy Winehouse with a surprisingly good cover of Valerie by Bruno Mars (though it is more surprising that MTV decided to pay tribute to Amy’s music chosing a song that isn’t actually hers)

And there was also a cute tribute to Britney Spears, who by the way looked RADIANT and had a *moment* with Lady Gaga. I mean, Joe Calderone.


And that’s all that’s worth mentioning, folks.

(watch the videos quick before some seriousface man in a corporative suit decides to fill a complain to Youtube and delete it)

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