VV Brown – Children feat. Chiddy + mixtape

I have to confess, the last time I heard from VV Brown it was back in 2009 when she released the severely underrated Shark in the Water, a song fresh and current sounding that could be released every summer and it would never not fit perfectly.

Now she has a new single out, called Children, available on US iTunes. The song samples a kid’s song and has the collaboration of Chiddy and it is a very easy song that becomes instantly stuck in your head. She has also released an experimental mixtape called The Playground, which you can download for free here. She says:

When I came of the road, locked in my studio and home again, this was my place of experimenting and finding myself again, but not the old self, a more mature experienced self. Before making a solid album I thought it would be amazing to make a mix-tape. A real window into the process of experimentation and creativity. Its a very low-fi attempt to show you where my head was at and where it was going up to a polished record.

Listen to the mixtape and the single below:



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