Mikey Wax – Constant Motion

NYC based artist Mikey Wax self-released his debut album, Change Again,  two years ago, gaining online popularity thanks to Youtube, that helped him land various US tours (Howie Day, Landon Pigg, and Elliott Yamin, among others) as a supporting artist. Now he is releasing his second album, titled Constant Motion, produced by Warren Huart, who has worked with The Fray and James Blunt.

His style, soul – infused pop rock/ soft rock, reminds me to James Morrison or James Blunt. To the later is also comparable his voice, which owns a similar tone, though gentler. Some of the tracks, like the titled Fighting For or Fall For You could easily belong to Take That’s sweetest side, their Beautiful World album.

Some others, like Long Lost Dream or On The Boulevard, remind me of The Corrs, Lucie Silvas or even an acoustic Coldplay.

You Tell Me When is album closing, with a pure string instrumental,  leaning towards country but with a lovely melody that leaves a good sensation.


Listen to: Counting On You, Fighting For, You Tell Me When


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