Parade – Parade (Album)

Parade promised with their first single, Louder. They tried to add a fresh feel and fun to a more serious and mature The Saturdays, emulating the Spice Girls on their first video, where they barged into a house and partied all night. However, they never managed to pull off that reputation at all. Parade are a nice bunch of five good singers who harmonize quite well together, yet there’s nothing particularly thrilling or exciting about it. Their music and their image are simply unconvincing. They don’t manage to come across as original, or rebellious or weird, or simply crazy. They are normal and nice, more Girls Can’t Catch or Wonderland than Girls Aloud.

Their album executes this concept to perfection. Their music is as catchy as it is decaffeinated. The instrumentals are gentle and so are their voices. It’s quite mellow and nice sounding, the sort of music that you’d use as background on a sunny day. Songs like Like You have a feel good, 60s pop sound, same with Just A Girl. In Knock On My Door we find RnB-sounding beats with reggae synths and again that inoffensive happy sound of Summer, a path that will repeat with practically every song in the album. Stars has “more balls”, the tempo is faster and the synth paths are stronger, yet it falls short of punch to be a dance floor killer, and same happens with Rollercoaster. Rokstar is the only real ballad on the album, perhaps one of the best songs in it, along with the singles.

Listen to: Louder, Perfume, Rokstar


This remix is quite good.

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