Nicola Roberts – Yo Yo (Video)

Nicola Roberts has premiered today her new video for her new single, Yo Yo, a song that is on her unfairly-underperforming-because-it-is-amazing album, Cinderella’s Eyes.

The video is fairly simple, but Nicola looks great in it. Don’t get me wrong, she looks great a lot of the time, but this time she is exceptionally beautiful, the combination of hair+make up is flawless. The video starts with our Ginge choosing a fashionable outfit to go to this party with her fairly hot boyfriend.

They dance and grind against each other while being slightly inebriated, so Nicola decides to take a shower to cool off a bit.

When she comes back though, she catches her fairly hot boyfriend snogging some skanky brunette, so she is devastated. Understandable.

They have a chat/drunken argument in the kitchen and she throws flowers at his face with an incredible force, that’s why you can barely see them in the screencap below. She throws flowers at him because she is ANGRY.

You know who else loves to throw around flowers when she is angry?

(Cheryl Cole)

Watch the video below:

Yo-Yo is out January 8th. You can even pre-order a signed copy here:

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