Gotye – Somebody I Used To Know

I may be a bit late when it comes to Gotye’s new single, but I couldn’t let it pass without writing something about it. I didn’t instantly enjoy Somebody I Used To Know. It is one of those songs that need a couple of listens to make sense, only fit certain moods and certain situations, but when they fit, they do it nicely.

With a simple production, void of any artifice, Somebody I Used to Know manages to translate the despair that comes with heartbreak really well. The lyrics are very relevant (You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness/Like resignation to the end, always the end/So, when we found that we could not make sense/Well, you said that we would still be friends/But I’ll admit that I was glad that it was over), they feel truthful and honest.

 Someobody I Used to Know chooses a simplicity that is so rarely seen or heard lately in music that it feels refreshing. This simplicity doesn’t stop Gotye’s single to feel whole, and the moment Kimbra’s delicate vocals appear, the song truly kicks out, increasing in pressure and intensity until its release at the very end, never letting you go.


Listen to it below:


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