Madonna – Girl Gone Wild

Madonna’s new single ‘Girl Gone Wild‘, was uploaded to her official Youtube channel a couple of days ago. It’s a catchy dance song that will be a huge dance floor filler, but quality wise it’s quite unoriginal and uninspired.  it sounds like a reprise of Madonna’s own ‘Celebration‘ and it feels like a step back from ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, a song that despite its low chart performance, had something different to offer.

But that’s the thing, GMAYL underperformed. It was only #10 on Billboard and #37 on the UK charts, leaving ‘Girl Gone Wild’ with the mission to improve those numbers and prepare the buzz for the album release. Perhaps that’s why Madonna has chosen a more generic sound, in hope that it will be bought by the same listeners that make David Guetta tracks reach the top of the charts, but for an artist that has always been the Queen of forward thinking and trend-setting, it is disappointing.


Listen to the song below:




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