Olly Murs – Oh My Goodness

Olly Murs is releasing ‘Oh My Goodness’ as the next single from his album, so he premiered the video for the song a few days ago. This is one of those songs that I love to listen to, preferably while I’m walking somewhere, because it induces this feeling of wanting to break into choreography in the middle of the street. I also think I appreciate songs best when I listen to them on my iPod on my way somewhere, and it’s sunny, even if it’s freezing, it improves the experience.

There’s a certain 90’s feel about ‘Oh My Goodness’. I compared it to the Spice Girls’ single that unfairly never made it to number 1, ‘Stop’, even though the only similarity between the two songs are the trumpets, because both offer that instant happy feeling that make you want to break into a song even though you can’t sing.

Oh My Goodness will be out the 1st of April, but you can already preorder it here.


Listen to the song below:

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