Pob – Come A Little Closer + Interview

Pob is a new, independent artist from London, fan of pop music, electro and dubstep. Being in a boy band has helped him acquire experience but also know the kind of sound he wants to make: Rusko, Labrinth, Major Lazer or Diplo are some of his main musical influences. With an EP in the works, he’ll be performing his first gig on Friday 30th March at The Comedy in Leicester Square.

He has a couple of tracks up on his Soundcloud. His latest one, Come A Little Closer, can be listened to below:


Here’s a small interview with him:

Are you an independent artist? Do you write/compose your tracks yourself?
I am a totally independent artist. I’ve been involved with independent labels before with previous projects, but this year I wanted to control everything myself. At least for the initial creative period. I don’t want to be the product of someone elses creation. The tracks up on my soundcloud are from songwriters that I’ve got a close friendship with, but I am working on collaborations and tracks totally composed by myself as well. I think it’s good to have a bit of everything in the mix.
How would you define your sound? Who would you say are your musical influences? 
I have always been a fan of really commercial pop, because it’s so catchy. I set up an electro/dubstep clubnight several years ago in my hometown when I was manager of a nightclub, and really got into quality production from people like Rusko, Diplo, Major Lazer etc. I’d say my main musical influence for this year is Labrinth as he’s successfully blended decent production with the commercial element of being radio friendly and catchy. Also Diplo, who I mentioned before, has worked with Nicola Roberts on her album, and recently revealed a track with Usher which sounds incredible.
Do you have any releases coming up? 
I’d say it was too early to plan a release at the moment. I want to have a play around with some tunes before putting something out, just in case I want to tweak my sound. But I imagine I will go for an EP release later this year so that people can get a handful of tracks in one go.
What are you immediate plans career wise? What are your goals? 
If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago I would say I want to be in the charts by the end of the year, but now I’ve had experience in the industry I’d say I want to find my sound, build up a reputation by doing great gigs, no matter what the venue, put out some tracks later in the year for people to have on their iPods, and just build everything up steadily. Obviously long term I want to make it big, but I’m aiming for an independent approach towards it all, so won’t expect commercial success for a while. It would be lovely if something happened to speed it up though!
Do you have any gigs coming up?
I literally have only just been approaching promoters and venues within the past couple of days as I finished my initial setlist last week, but I have already confirmed my first London date which is Friday 30th March at The Comedy just off Leicester Square. Details are on my Facebook page. I’m still working on tracks in the studio all the time, but live gigs are where I’m focusing now so I hope to get busy with performing soon.
You mention on your website that you’ve toured Europe with an UK pop band, could you talk a bit about that? 

Haha, yeah, I was in a boy band before this project. I liked NSync and Backstreet Boys when growing up so always wanted to do it myself. We had loads of fun travelling around doing gigs, performing at some pretty amazing places like the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and our final gigs were out in Benidorm last October which was such a nice weekend away. I do miss the free holidays, but the whole logistics of getting a group in the studio or rehearsals, and also not having creative control over the music or videos, that’s something I’m glad to be away from. It’s much simpler on my own and so far I am very happy with the decision to go it alone!

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