Marina And The Diamonds – Primadonna

you say that I’m kinda difficult, but it’s always someone else’s fault 

‘Primadonna’, the new track by Marina and the Diamonds has just premiered on Youtube along with the video. Primadonna tells the story of a girl who wants it all, a bit like ‘Free‘ by Natalia Kills, but without being so specific. While what ‘Free’ wants is, essentially, bling, ‘Primadonna’ wants the world, living life like it’s a dream and so on. And just like ‘Free’, ‘Primadonna’ is really brilliant.

Marina’s vocals when she phrases certain sentences remind me of Lady Gaga in ‘Summeboy’, even though the song is nothing like it. She goes from really delicate elegant vocals to nearly talking through some of the lyrics, helping the rhythm changes all through the song along with the synth path. ‘You fill the void up with celluloid’ is the most ridiculous yet amazing lyric I’ve heard in a while.

I love it and you should too. Listen to it below:



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